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C is for Cecchetti method

Posted Aug 25 2008 2:42pm

The Cecchetti method is a ballet training regime invented by Enrico Cecchetti . The unique thing about this method is that it provides a different set of exercises for every day of the week to ensure that the dancer is confident in many technical aspects, and that their training is well rounded.

Levels of training are numbered I-VII. To pass one level and move on to the next, the dancer must successfully complete an exam. The grades scale for these exams include Fail, Pass Conditional (the dancer must wait at least one year before taking the next exam, regardless of when the level's required training is completed), Pass, Passed Plus, Passed Commended, and Passed Highly commended, in the American system, with slight variance in the Australian system.

Levels I-IV were added after Enrico Cecchetti's death. When the dancer enters grade V, they are in the " Intermediate Level" of professional training, as level VI and VII mark "Advanced 1" and "Advanced 2" levels.

After passing the level VII exam, the dancer is qualified to teach the Cecchetti method. At this time, they also have the option to continue their training and be considered to receive Diploma A or Diploma B.

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