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Bollywood Burn (review)

Posted by Nirmala N.

Hemalayaa’s latest workout video, “Bollywood Burn,” has the Canadian-born yoga goddess and dance instructor in top form—clad in a glamorous pink-sequined outfit while hardly breaking a sweat between vigorous aerobic sequences. The giggly beauty’s fitness philosophy, which melds mind-body movement wisdom (including a playful, empowering reinterpretation of the Kama Sutra) with a high-intensity aerobic m.o., will appeal to viewers who’ve grown wary of the redundant, drill-sergeant approach to working out that you might expect from other fitness DVDs. Hemalayaa, with the accompaniment of two smiley dancers and a stagey backdrop, busts out the kind of moves you might come across at a Bombay nightclub. Drawing from the dance of Bollywood cinema—an eclectic synthesis of hip-hop and Punjabi Bhangra folk dance—Hemalayaa and friends go through a heady combo of pulse pliés and choreographed dance moves that might require a bit of coordination but will certainly make you feel the burn. Of course, fans of Hemalayaa’s mind-body approach might find her new video a bit lacking in substance, while those with targeted fitness goals may be disappointed with the lack of cogent info on the muscle groups affected by each movement. But at the very least, Hemalayaa’s invocations to breathe, smile, laugh, and enjoy make the video a fun and welcome respite from more predictable fitness fare.
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