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Biking Tips - Safety

Posted Aug 24 2008 1:33pm
Daily limit. Try to limit the amount of dancing you do each day, especially repetitive movements such as back bending, to help prevent overuse injuries.
Dancing hard. Avoid dancing on hard or uneven surfaces for too long.
Flexibile hamstrings. To avoid injuring your spine while dancing, make sure to stretch out your hamstrings.
Get your caclium. Make sure to eat enough calcium to keep your bones strong and healthy.
Get your rest. If you're a regular dancer, make sure to get plenty of rest to give your body time to heal itself.
Good posture. To avoid injuring your spine while dancing, keep your posture upright.
Instruct your instructor. If you're taking lessons, tell your instructor if you have any injuries or issues. They'll help make sure you don't make them worse.
Know your limits. Know the limits of your body. Experiment, but be careful not to over-extend yourself.
Listen to your body. If you're in pain, stop dancing. It's better to take care of yourself, and live to dance another day.
Maintain hip flexibility. Hip injuries are common for dancers. Stretch out your hip joints, including your IT band and glutes to keep limber.
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