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Are YOU in the pocket of the music?

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:00pm

"You're not in the pocket of the music."

"Something that I feel is crucial in making that next step as a dancer is understanding the Rolling Count. It makes the difference between someone dancing within the music compared to someone marching on top of the music "

I must admit, the first time I heard this phrase was in fact on SYTYCD. But now, I'm seeing it everywhere. It may be simply that I'm noticing it more now because I'm familiar with the phrase.

It's never really made sense to me exactly what it means except for when tapping. I can hear a difference in a dancer's tap sounds from when they're 'in the music' or not. But, it's very odd and I don't understand how it can be applied to other genres of dance besides tap, clogging, etc. According to random things from Google, it's more commonly used in ballroom and also seems to be a Michael Jackson-ism.

Basically, it still seriously confuses me. Maybe after The Pulse, I'll have a slightly better grasp on the meaning of dancing 'in the music' vs. 'on top of the music'.

Stay on your toes,


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