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Anatomy of a Pointe Shoe

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:01pm

1.Feathers- the pleating under the toe from when the final layer of satin is added to the outside of the pointe shoe.

2.Platform- the very tip of the hard toe box; the part of the shoe that the dancer balances on.

3.Toe Box- the hard tip of the shoe extending from the toes to the metatarsal on all sides of the foot that is made of layers of papier mache , paste, and burlap.

4.Vamp- the top of the shoe from the platform to where the toes join with the foot. Can be U or V shaped.

5.Outer Sole- the suede or leather on the bottom of the shoe that covers the shank and provides traction.

6.Shank- the stiff sole of the shoe that supports the dancer's arch while standing en pointe .

7.Drawstring- a string cased in canvas ribbon that the dancer can tighten so the shoe hugs her foot and stays on more easily.

8.Waist Seam- the seam of the pointe shoe that separates the wings from the quarters and holds the front and back of the shoe together.

9.Quarters- the back section of the pointe shoe that covers the dancer's heel and keeps her foot from popping out of the shoe.

10.Backseam- the seam behind the heel of the shoe that connects the quarters and holds the two sides of the shoe together.

11.Wings- the stiff part of the box on the sides of the shoe that helps prevent the dancer from sickling or winging their feet while en pointe .

Hope that helped!

Stay on your toes,


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