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A Tennis Ball for Trouble Spots

Posted Mar 03 2008 3:51pm 1 Comment

So how DO dancers keep going all the time, despite pains and injury? What do we use to deal with soreness and fatigue? This new section will give you good ideas to use and modify for yourself.

Today is for…

Tennis balls
Tennis balls are the easiest way to work out knots and sore muscles. Here are a few ideas to try. Once you get the idea, the possibilities are endless. Use a tennis ball wherever you are aching!

1. Foot Fetish: Place a tennis ball underneath the arch of your foot. Slowly put weight onto the tb, letting it roll on your arch. Find the places that hurt the most and stay there until the pain subsides. Circle the ball along the entire underisde of your foot to find where you’re holding the most tension. When you’re done, take a short walk and you’ll feel the difference between your two feet.
*Relieving tension in the feet (and hands) is a simple and easy way to release tension in other parts of your body.

2. Leg Lethargy: Sit down on the floor with your legs outstretched, tb at hand. Place the tennis ball where your leg meets your butt, inferior to your sits bones. This is a great place to start if your hamstrings are giving you trouble, as working on the origin of the muscle will help release its tension. Roll the ball underneath this area (use your hands for support if there is too much pressure). Once you’re satisfied, move down your leg to work on the belly of the muscle. You can use the same strategy on your calves. Flip over and lie face down to work the tennis ball up and down your thighs, if you dare.

3. Back to Basics: The most common area for pain in the laymens body is in the back. A lot of back pain is caused by poor placement due to weak abdominals. Until you get to your pilates or yoga class, a tennis ball can help you out. You can even try two at once. Place two tennis balls in an oblong bag and tie off the end to work both sides of your back at once.

4. Headache Hell: Speaking of back pain - neck pain is a common side affect of headaches. Tension headaches go hand in hand with neck pain, neck stiffness, and invariably - knots that become a constant source of pain. Try using one tennis ball on your occipital lobe - the place where the back of your skull meets your neck. This is the attachment for your neck muscles and although working on this area will be painful, the relief will be rewarding.

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Shiatsubags are easier to use, and much more functional.  The bag has multiple high density EVA 3.5-4" balls that are lightweight, odorless, and have a smooth surface so they roll around with no inter-ball surface friction.  The bags allows you to roll in any direction and provides a support platform for the body.  It also will mold to the contours of the body and to the surface it is used on sucha as a bed, sofa, chair, or the floor.
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