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A Shortcoming of the Tap Dance Blog

Posted Dec 04 2007 12:00am

Doug over at Great Dance recently did a post that really got me to thinking about some of the failings of this blog.

In writing about the Compelling Quality of First Person Narratives, Doug encourages dancers to utilize the Internet as a tool to share first person descriptions of their works and performances. He also encourages the use of the Internet as a tool to archive, document, and review dance works.

After reading his post and reviewing my blog over the last few months, I realize that I hardly ever spend time talking about things that I am currently working on at this site. I have become so focused on what dancers are doing in other parts of the country that I have neglected to talk about what I am doing here in Atlanta.

I can think of three major initiatives that I have started since July of this year, that have gotten nary a mention on this site. That’s a shame.

One of the advantages of blogging is the opportunity for personal interaction and conversation. By sharing some of my accomplishments as a “small-time” tap dancer, perhaps I can inspire someone else to do more in their community.

Moreover, I will begin using the Tap Dance Blog as a tool to encourage more tap dancers and organizations to blog as well. In my year of blogging I have learned a lot about the various online tools that are available to help tap dancer’s get their message out. I would love it if there were ten more blogs by this time next year strengthening, the online community of tap dancers.

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