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5 Things You Should Know About Your Audience…

Posted Apr 06 2007 12:00am

…from a Tap Dancers perspective!

1. Audiences Love Tap Dancing!

Tap is fun and engaging. Adults are amazed by what tap dancers can do while children are similarly fascinated! (“Happy Feet” anyone?) Though it is sometimes said that tap is a “dead art”, I’ve found that the opposite is true; Tap is alive and well. People love tap, they want to see tap, and when they find it, they support anything associated with it!

2. Audiences Love Surprises!

Often people come to an event expecting to see a singer, live music, or a comedian. A Tap dance is not something that audiences see everyday so when they do see it, they instantly want more. Tap dancers catch audiences by surprise every time! Surprise the masses and they will spread the word about your event.

3. Audiences Want More!

Audiences are bombarded with entertainment on a daily basis to such an extent that it has become more difficult to hold their attention. Most forms of live entertainment appeal primarily to one of the five senses. Music appeals mainly to the ear. Dance appeals primarily to the eye. Tap Dancing appeals to both simultaneously, providing an experience which is uniquely engaging. It’s always a great idea to give more to an audience.

4. Audiences Want to Mix Things Up!

Audiences are seeking unique experiences. By putting things together in new & exciting ways you can provide just that. A Tap dancer can interact with the other forms of entertainment presented at your event. I have been called upon to perform on stage with live musicians, singers, poets, & drummers. Audiences love these creative connections. When more elements are added, the possibilities increase exponentially!

5. Audiences Crave Spontaneity!

Audiences love improvisation and “in the moment” creativity. Improvisation has long been an important part of Tap entertainment and development. As an improvisational tap dancer, every time I take to the stage it’s a new experience. Even if I utilize the same music as in the past, the steps that I execute, the emotions I convey, and the ideas I present will all be different. When your audience sees a Tap dancer, they know that they are seeing a one of a kind performance!


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