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I am a Feingold mommy and my blog is all about petroleum in our food, ADD, ADHD, autism, sensory disorders, and other neuroconnector issues that can be aggrivated by food coloring, artificial flavoring, and some preservatives.
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Homemade candy corns! How cute are these great little homemade candy corns???...

10 Scary Reasons To Avoid Artificial Food Coloring! Just in time for Halloween. Scary things in American food!!!

100 days of real food Kraft mac and cheese petition AMAZING ladies!!! Keep doing what you're doing. Awareness is the key and...

Meadow Gold Dairy gets with it!

YAY! Alyssa came home yesterday so excited to tell me that they had a little celebration at Weber State University when her friend went in to...

GMO foods and autism? Not Petroleum but part of the big picture. This is a free streaming movie about GMO foods and how they...

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