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I am 32, my husband is 37.  We have been married for 7 months!  I have a 14 yr old daughter and he has a 6 yr old daughter...well we had now together, we have!  We decided we have the right to have a child of our own, the right way (according to society) even though most people tell us that with our age and our childrens age, we should think twice.  We are not oblivious to "the honeymoon period" as to we received custody of his daughter 3 months after our wedding.... Full Bio
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Ovulating? Implanting? Neither? Confused! by daisygirl Posted in: Questions & Answers in Pregnancy & Fertility I stopped using the orthro evra patch in Nov.  I had my last regular period on Jan1.  I was late as my next cycle didn't come until Feb 7.  At that point it was brown and sp ... Read on »