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Daisy S.

FREMONT, California
I am a mother of 2 children, a daughter 29 (recently married) and a son 13. I am pretty active, room mom, team mom and working full time. Hard to find down time and time to excerise
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Making a change

I decided to give up bread and coffee for a while. I am paying attention to smaller portions and keeping a journal. Hopefully this will help


Haven't lost weight, have been working out but to no avail.
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Mar 12 2008 by Jennifer H.

Hi Tia!  Thanks for the Kudos!  I am determined to get off my butt and shed the pounds.   I am little sore getting back into the swing of things, but no pain no gain right. 

Jan 15 2008 by Anne P.
I'm looking forward to our Salvatierra Walk Yoga class!  thanks for signing up.
Dec 12 2007 by Susie C.
You can do it! Daisy, You can do it. It is a project that needs lots of attention, like any other project worth doing. It is all for you! You deserve the best. Susie

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