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This is my first time dedicating my writing to Cystic Fibrosis. I have written poems, plays and academic papers before, but I started to dry up as a writer. Once I realized that my focus on my health was taking me away from other writing projects, I realized, my health must become the focus of my... Full Bio
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The Conflict with RunSickBoyRun

Ok, I wrote this email to one of our fave blog colleagues, and then got to thinking, what if I post it to my readers, who prove to me time and...

I am sad. I miss my cat. Movin ...

I am sad. I miss my cat. Moving is hard. I miss my family.

Carry On

So, I chose last week to proactively address my high stress level, which pretty much landed me in the ER last Monday afternoon, just before the...

Stress Buster: Long Time, No Blog

I am trying to cut the stress in my life in a more aggressive way. Uh oh, aggressive is a stressful word. I am trying to cut the stress in...

 If people  wan ...

 If people  wanted you to write warmly about  them, they should've behaved better.” - Anne Lamott

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Jun 21 2010 by We C.

I just wanted to say thank you for highlighting Angel Flight NE on your blog. Promotions of this nature really assist us with getting the word out about our mission and how we can help others.

Would you possibly let me know your full name and best email address to send a note to?  Larry Camerlin, President of AFNE, would like to send you a thank you note.

Barbara Sica


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