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Cystic Fibrosis Community - Articles

Game Changer by Amy Silcox Patient Expert I have discussed this before, but now that reality is happening.  Orkambi has been approved and is available to those with DDF508 mutations.  ME. Vertex' drug has been ap ... Read on »
1,000 Blog Posts and THANK YOU by Alice V. Patient Expert This is blog post # 1,000!!!!! Crazy!!! Also, we're back home. Landed at 5:15 this morning in a freezing Joburg. The flights back were OK... slept a bit more than on the way ... Read on »
My Kidneys by Amy Silcox Patient Expert My Kidneys.... I am not quite sure what is up with them.  Or if it is even them causing me issues. Back in March I had a BAD UTI.  So bad I was peeing purple....yes PU ... Read on »
Swimming Lessons by Piper Beatty I learned about undertow the hard way. When I was young, probably around 5 or 6, my parents took my sister and I on vacation to one of those all-inclusive beach r ... Read on »
Angel Island and Alcatraz - a must see!!! by Alice V. Patient Expert Today we did a ferry tour of Angel Island and Alcatraz departing at Pier 33 in the City. We had the most BRILLIANTLY amazing weather for San Fran. I might even have gotten a ... Read on »
One Year Post- Whipple by Amy Silcox Patient Expert Today marks my one year since having the whipple done on my pancreas. Last night I re-read all my previous blog posts prior to surgery.  I re-read how scared I was of no ... Read on »