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Zoe has a cold...

Posted Mar 03 2008 12:00am
Last night Zoe started acting sick. Actually, to explain, Zoe hasn't caught many "colds". The last "cold" she had was probably about 2 years ago. Weird, I know. You see, when Zoe is sick, it is a lung bacterial infection. It takes us months and months of oral, inhaled and iv antibiotics to clear her up then. But, as far as the normal kid "colds" she just doesn't normally get them. Soooooo.....the big question now will be....will this "cold" turn into a lung issue???? I hope not. We are going to watch her for a few days and see what happens. Right now, it is an extremely stuffy nose, sneezing, watery eyes, occasional cough. MAYBE it will go away....
On another note, we met a wonderful gal tonight, talked to her about cf, the walk, etc....she told us that she and others will be on board to join our team, "Zoe for Life" for the Great Strides walk in April! It is always so wonderful to Scott and myself to meet people that seem to 'really' care.
Thank you all for your love and support...without you we would be NO-Where.
Have a great night!
Scott and Jada....and of course, Zoe
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