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You can't judge a book by its cover.

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm

I don't know if you followed this year's America's Got Talent, but I have been rooting for one particular contestant from the start. His name is Kevin Skinner and last night he won. He may not have been the most talented act, Barbara Padilla was incredible and Recycled Percussion were exciting, but he was, BY FAR, the most genuine.

If you have not seen his first performance on the show, please take the time to watch the video above, pause my music player first. I saw it live and will never forget it. Kevin walked onto that stage and the crowd reacted by mocking and laughing at him. It was obvious no one expected him to be able to perform well, but when he started singing, the room grew silent and the audiences' hearts were moved.

How often do we judge others by their "covers"? How sad that we might miss out on a gem because of its rough external edges. I am thrilled that America voted for Kevin. I am thrilled that a chicken farmer from Kentucky with poor math skills and a funny accent could break through our initial impressions and end up winning over our hearts!

May this be a lesson to us all to never judge a book by its cover! Nancy
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