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Yesterday and tomorrow a year ago... and tomorrow.

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:42pm
Sorry for the confusing heading, but it explains what I want to write about! The pic on the left here was taken yesterday a year ago. 15 Dec 2007. I looked and felt like crap and can't believe how THIN I was... remember not being able to put my knees on top of each other when lying on my side, 'cos they were poking into one another, and it hurt. Don't have much else to day about it, except that it shocks me every time I look at it. I can definitely say it was my lowest point. If only I knew then that my transplant was a month and one week away...

Tomorrow a year ago I wrote this post... as you can see I was seriously venting and not in a good place. What I said did come true though... I no longer hear from the fake friends, those who didn't bother texting me when I was sick I now ignore most of the time (for some reason they're making more contact now...suprise surprise), and my true friends are still my best friends and are awesome and love sharing my new lungs with me. So all is good!!!!

AND tomorrow is me and Chris's 2 month anniversary :-D YAY for probably the best 2 months EVER... Tomorrow it's back to work for me, BUT it's only 5.5 working days 'till I go HOME with Chris!!!!! Life is great....
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