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Wordful Wednesday {French Toast, Autumn Style}

Posted Oct 22 2009 10:05pm
This was initially a very Wordless Wednesday, but then I had to add a few words here and a few words there. Needless to say my Wordless Wednesday transformed into a WordfulWednesday. This seems to happen alot.

Nathan loves French toast and so do I. I make him French toast almost every morning and sometimes in the afternoon. Today we decided to have our French toast Autumn style with a little orange food coloring and in the shape of Pumpkins of course!

Autumn French Toast-1-2

I also wanted to share an interesting tidbit regarding French toast that I learned from my father, Nathan's Grandpa Frank. Do the French call their toast, French toast? No, they do not! My father grew up across the big pond (the Atlantic Ocean), born in Morocco of a Spanish mother and Dutch father, educated in a French school. Anywho, he shared with me as a child that French toast is also called Pain Perdu, or lost bread. "Lost" bread (bread that is stale and hard) can be reclaimed and softened by dipping it in a mixture of milk and eggs and then frying.

I like my French toast soggy with a bit of vanilla, cinnamin, butter, and syrup. How do you enjoy your French toast?

For more Wordful Wednesday, visitSevEn cLoWn CirCus.

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