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White Rose Blooming (6 Weeks)

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:32pm
Every Tuesday while you're in the hospital, we'll take a picture with your pug so that everyone can see how much you are growing!

You are now about 12 inches long and 1lb 10oz.

Your sixth week was a good one. We are falling more in love with you every day, and you celebrated you first Valentine's Day. Even though you didn't gain any weight, you are eating more and more almost every day! The nurses moved you back to CPAP this week, and so far you've been doing very well. You have your very first eye exam, and everything "looks" perfect! You need 3 more negative MRSA swabs to get back to a more comfy room in a few weeks.

This week, your mommy was able to spend some time with you without your daddy around, which she thought was very nice. We found out today that she will be put on the transplant list in just a few days, which is very exciting news! Your daddy was able to hold you again a few times, with you wrapped in a blanket.

In the next week, we're praying that you'll do well on the CPAP and that your lungs will continue to grow stronger, and that you'll eat more and more. We're also praying that your mommy will get her new lungs, even maybe this week, so that we can begin making plans to all go home together!

We love you!

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