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White Rose Blooming (5 Weeks)

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:32pm
Every Tuesday while you're in the hospital, we'll take a picture with your pug so that everyone can see how much you are growing!

You are now about 12 inches long and 1lb 11oz.

Your fifth week was another great week for you. You continued to eat lots of much that the nurses are giving you more and more every few days. You gained nearly 6oz this week alone, and you have changed so much that everyone is noticing! You even lost all of the fuzzy hair that was covering most of your body...but, the hair on your head continues to grow as blond as ever. You spent most of this week on the ventilator, but you're doing so well that you should be moved back to CPAP very soon. You've been moved to a different room so that the nurses can keep a special watch on you and make sure that you don't get any infections.

This week, your mommy was able to see you twice, and she is looking forward to spending even more time with you this week. She is getting stronger every day, and we're both thinking more and more about the day we get to all go home together. Your daddy was able to hold you again, for about one full hour.

In the next week, we're praying that you'll stay infection free and continue to grow bigger and bigger. We're also praying that I will get to spend more time holding you, and that maybe your mommy will get to hold you for the first time. You'll celebrate you first Valentines have lots and lots of people who are already in love with you!

We love you!

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