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White Rose Blooming (17 Weeks)

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:11pm
Every Tuesday while you're in the hospital, we'll take a picture with your pug so that everyone can see how much you are growing!

You are now 16 inches long, and you weigh 4lbs 7oz!

Your seventeenth week was another good week! You've finally made it all the way to 2000 grams, which means you are big enough to come home! All you need to do is learn how to eat everything from your bottle.

Your mommy is getting much stronger and is able to spend more and more time with you every day. You continue to eat more from the bottle every day as well, and we can see how much you are changing and growing.

In the next week, we're praying that all of your final checks and tests show that you have developed just like you're supposed to, and that you will continue to learn how to eat more and more from your bottle!

We love you!

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