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Where's my brain...33 weeks pregnant

Posted Jul 10 2010 8:13am
I don't know where my brain has gone this past week. It didn't even occur to me until this morning that I promised to post a 33 week pregnancy update and I never did, not like it is the end of the world if I don't.

This is a photograph that my husband took of me after the wedding I photographed last Saturday, a few days shy of 33 weeks. I was exhausted.

33 week preg post wedding-1

Tuesday I had my final ultrasound to check Baby Girl's growth and bowel. The technician estimated she was 4 pounds and 11 ounces, perfectly average. And the best news as of 33 intestinal blockage, also known as meconium ileus (MI). Depending on the resource, anywhere from 10-20% of CF patients are affected by this obstruction of the bowel. According to John Hopkins CF Center , which I consider to be a reliable resource, the statistic in 18%.

Meconium Ileus is caused by thicker than normal meconium. MI can lead to perforation of the bowel, inflammation and infection of the abdomen. Meconium can often be flushed out with an enema but surgery is often required to remove the obstruction. Here is a diagram borrowed from John Hopkins CF Center.

 Meconium Ileus and Radiograph

Lucy, another young CFer, was born with MI and needed surgery to remove the blockage. Lucy's mom wrote about this experience here . Her post does contain graphic images so be forewarned. The images are intended to informative and not offensive.

Although we have not tested to determine if Baby Girl will have Cystic Fibrosis for certain, we are glad that no blockage ( echogenic bowel ) has been identified as of 33 weeks. We are praying that this does not change in the remaining 7 weeks.

After she is born we will determine if she carries both of our CF mutations and has CF but we would like to avoid immediate surgery after birth if possible.

And here is the 3D ultrasound photo of our Baby Girl. She was not cooperating, as usual. Her position is head down, face backward. Mama, Daddy, and big brother Nathan can't wait to meet you Baby Girl!!

33 week ultrasound-1

Click here to see more baby belly photos .

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