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Video games make you LESS violent?

Posted Dec 12 2008 2:52pm
While I, personally, have never felt like killing a hooker and then taking her money after playing Grand Theft Auto 3, the media at large and a bunch of conversative special interest groups would have you believe that IS what kids do after playing such a game. Jack Thompson is of course a big name in this department, and Joseph Lieberman and Hillary Clinton have jumped on the "video games = Satan" bandwagon over the years, but actual research into a causal link between violent video games and real life violence has been surprisingly scant.

Well, a new study in the UK suggests that playing violent video games may calm and violent tendancies of teenagers. Shock and awe! Frustrated after a long day at school or work? Play some Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Army of Two and get that aggression out. You'll apparently feel more relaxed.

I know I do. I play video games partially to relieve stress. I'm certainly not whipped into a murderous frenzy after breaking necks in Metal Gear Solid 3. So these findings don't surprise me at all, but I'm glad a study was finally carried out in this area.
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