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Verdict: Sprained Foot and Toe

Posted Oct 14 2009 10:03pm

Yes it's official I sprained the Left Foot and Toe. I went to Patient First this afternoon after work. Some of my coworkers had went there, and I've heard great things so I gave it a try. I loved it and they were great. Within one hour, I was in and out the door. I had xrays almost immediately and saw the Doctor and he assessed my foot. It's very sore and I still can't bend my toes and feel the crackling when I try to bend. It's not broken at least. He called it a sprain secondary to "over-use" meaning hiking. So I get to rock the awesome blue-ortho shoe for a week and then reassess it. He said to rest the foot (hard to do as a Nurse), take NSAIDS for the inflammation, and ice it. This also means no exercise for another week :/ I'm so afraid of losing the great cardio strength I've been building up so much. For now I guess I'll just lift weights, upper body of course and see what happens.

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