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Tummy Trouble part II

Posted Sep 08 2010 3:02pm

Warning: If you are eating don’t read. Contains some TMI :)

Ben’s rotavirus test results came back negative (yeah!) but his sample wasn’t loose enough (where we looking at the same sample?!) so they couldn’t test it for C. diff. However,  our doctor thinks he doesn’t have it because he has no blood or pus in his stools. He also thinks Ben would be a lot sicker.

SO we are back to square one. Ben hasn’t gained any weight in almost 7 weeks so I think it’s his enzyme dosage. I keep bringing up the idea of switch his enzyme brand but our clinic doesn’t want to jump right to that. They want me to bring him in tomorrow (Pleasanton clinic) to evaluate him. I’m hoping at that point, we can finally make an enzyme switch.

There is a bit more of a concern because Ben was born with Meconium Ileus, a blockage in his intestines that had to be operated on. There is always a chance that scar tissue has grown over and is causing some blockage. Luckily, this probably isn’t the case for Ben, but the clinic may want to take an x-ray of his tummy. I’ll know more tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who has offered advice, any and all are always welcomed and appreciated!

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