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Top 10 Reasons Social Workers Rock!

Posted Jan 27 2009 3:45pm

1. A good social worker will remind you that what is happening on the inside is just as important as what is happening on the outside.

2. A good social worker makes all of the complicated paper work and bureaucracy look completely manageable.

3. A good social worker is 10 steps ahead of the patient and family, ready and waiting to be their support for what lies ahead.

4. A good social worker can get you to open up even when you don’t want to...and when you don’t even know that’s what you’re doing!

5. A good social worker cares about the patient more than the rules.

6. A good social worker makes you feel like you've just made a new friend.

7. A good social worker finds creative solutions to complicated problems.

8. A good social worker becomes your advocate when you are too sick or tired to stand up for yourself.

9. A good social worker does their job for the love of helping people, not for the pay.

10. A good social worker is like a honey bee; dedicated to working with those they serve in the illness “hive” but equally active in gathering sweet resources out in the world to give to those who are in need, when they are in need.

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