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To blog or not to blog, that is the question

Posted Apr 06 2012 12:00am
 Hello, Tiny Bloggy
I am pretty sure that I have used that title before, perhaps even two times.

Lately, there have been a lot of transplantiversaries of a lot of my friends, and also, a share of sad events from our transplant community. Anniversaries of deaths, new diagnosis, etc. As these issues have cropped up, I realized that a lot of my bloggies from a couple of years ago don't blog anymore, or much anymore - and of course I am one of them. These non-bloggers.

A lot has been going on in my CF advocacy life this year, including speaking at a few events and starting to plan an event for my former/current CF center centered around THE POWER OF TWO movie that Ana and Isa made - all very good.

I have started a couple of non-health writing projects, I left one of the theatre companies I used to work for and have moved on to working for two others, and things have solidified a bit at my "day job" teaching including planning a new program for the summer. YAY.

My best friend is having a baby all on her own and we are so excited! I have the privilege of being her birthing partner, and I cannot wait for the experience. We took our first Birthing Class last week, and clearly I was the best "husband" in the place.

So, I wonder about a return to blogging. The pros to returning to blogging are thus
1. Blogging is fun
2. Blogging is expressive.
3. Blogging connects me to lots of people at once  when there are times that I am too busy to keep up with it all.

The cons to blogging are these
1. People tend to over analyze my blog and call me with random comments on it.
2. Since I'm back teaching now and my students are mostly stalkers, they may/may not read this.
3. Can I really commit to blogging nightly or weekly?

The reasons that I am pondering coming back aboard are that I am having a lot of post transplant issues, from a social/emotional/brainy perspective. My health has been mostly stellar (except that I blame every stomach problem I have on the fact that the new enzymes all blow), but I have more anxiety now than I did before my transplant. Hmm. Then again, I have more going on now than I did before my transplant.

Also, I like to have a venue upon which to publish pictures of my cat.

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