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Time to put my mind at rest...

Posted Jan 27 2010 12:53pm
...Nathan is finally getting his Vest!!

Can you tell how excited I am?

I feel like jumping up and down with joy. If I only had more energy.

I will tap away at the keyboard. Tap, tap, tap....Yippee! Hooray!

I signed away my life (aka. the consent form) without thinking twice and Nathan's Vest should arrive within a week or so, after which I will receive training. I don't know the logistics of how it is going to be paid for because it will undoubtedly be denied by Nathan's health insurance (no durable medical coverage). I may receive some nasty phone calls but I am not going to worry about any of that, until I need to. I may be able to work something out with the company who sells the Vest (I believe the Respiratory Therapist is ordering through Hill Rom). Again, I will worry about it when I need to, not right now. The good news is - once the Vest is ordered and delivered, they don't take it back!!!!

So if you haven't already realized, Nathan had a clinic appointment today. It went well, wouldn't you agree? He weighed a little over 25 1/2 pounds (jumped to the 50th percentile) and was 32 1/4 inches tall (between 50th and 75th percentile). He was scared of the scale, the stadiometer (I learned a new word = measures height), the stethoscope, and anyone wearing gloves or carrying long swabs to shove down his throat to collect sputum.

Not too much is changing with his enzymes, we may increase it from 3 1/2 to 4 with his bottles in order to reduce the number of poo diapers and may be switching from Creon 6 to Creon 12 in the near future. Nathan will begin taking an iron supplement to help raise his hemoglobin, but Dr. A and the nutritionist were very pleased with his weight gain. I'm not so sure I can take complete credit for this one being that I have been eating and watching others eat very little this past month. Boppa Bill kept the breakfasts coming for a few weeks so he gets partial credit.

Side note, I am 10 weeks pregnant today and the nausea may be beginning to subside. Fingers crossed here!!

Pseudomonas update - Nathan last cultured positive for pseudomonas putida so I wait with anticipation to receive the results of this sputum culture. Dr. A is worried that he is not culturing positive for pseudomonas aeruginosa because it has colonized in his lungs already. In this case, Dr. A will be deciding on whether to run a course of IV antibiotics in the hospital or begin a month on/month off TOBI regimen at home. He is still contemplating when he will perform a bronchoscopy and pulmonary function test. I know there is alot of controversy regarding bronchoscopies and I have already begun asking questions and doing research.

All in all it was a
good day.

Can I get a WOOT! for Nathan getting his Vest!!!!!

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