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Time for a new port!

Posted Oct 28 2008 12:28pm
I have had my mediport for around six years now! I can't believe it has been that long! The last time I was in the hospital my port wasn't working correctly. When I went to Interventional Radiology they eventually got it working but reccomended that I get a new one placed anyways. I guess if it is left in too long the vein in my arm (my port is in my arm not chest) could grow onto the port and they wouldn't be able to get it out! So hopefully it hasn't already done that. 

I go in tomorrow to get my arm port removed and a new one placed in my chest. I decided to go with the chest this time because it will be easier for me to take care of it and flush it myself. With the one in my arm someone (that someone being Laurent!) has to hold it still for me while I access it. And with Laurent deploying soon I don't want to have to worry about waiting around for a home health nurse to show up or a friend to help out.

The procedure is just a same day surgery type of thing so I will not be staying overnight.

For those of you who don't know a mediport is a device that's implanted under the skin (usually in the upper chest area or arm) so medications can be delivered directly to the blood system. Cancer patients have ports to recieve chemo and other meds. And ports are also placed in patients who require lots of IV antibiotics, etc. Most CF patients get them because after so many PICC lines our veins get shot and it becomes nearly impossilbe to get a PICC placed anymore. Ports definately make life easier!
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