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The Story of Us (Part 10)

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:32pm
Nate's Version:

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Tricia's Version:

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For over two weeks I waited for Tricia's response. But, I certainly did not wait while sitting on my hands...if I couldn't convince her with my words, I'd convince her with my actions.

I did some landscaping one day at her family's house while they were away. I changed the oil in her car. I took her mom a flower for mother's day. I even made Tricia something very cool for her birthday (May 13), and embarrassed her a little when I showed up at her house unannounced to give it to her (ask her what it was and she might tell you).

We continued to hang out a lot, and I just bit my tongue whenever the urge came to ask her what she had been thinking concerning our late-night conversation, not wanting to push her if all she needed was a little more time to think

One night, I invited her to go with my family to see a high school play that my youngest sister, Rachel was staring in. After the play, that night, we stopped at a sound access on the same street that our church is on to talk and look at the moon and stars. I have always been fascinated by the science was the only science I ever enjoyed, and I loved learning about how the moon works. I love nothing more than to spend time outside under a full moon, especially on the beach.

As we sat next to each other on a bench, under a nearly-full moon, I told Tricia all about the how the tides of the sound and ocean were caused by the moon.

I remember that Tricia was slightly chilly that late evening as we sat and talked...I offered to warm Tricia's hands with my own.

I suddenly had the chills too...


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