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The 'healthy' post

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:54pm
I'm a healthy 23-year old. According to the gym's assesment. They don't know I've had a transplant... So this morning I had to go for a health check thingy and had to tell them my fitness goals (I said to run a half-marathon!). Well my BMI was 21 (should be between 18 and 23 or something, can't remember, even though we learned about it in Health Psycology. I blame lack of O2...), my body fat percentage was 24% (not sure what it's supposed to be but he said it was good), my weight was 53.8kg (So I've gained 5.8kg since transplant) and my blood pressure was 124/81, which the machine said was a bit high, but what does it know? I'm on anti-rejection drugs that raise my blood pressure, so according to me it's perfect. So the guy said 'you're healthy'. I just smiled and said 'I know'. Don't think anyone's ever said that to me :-D

The pic is the 'free' joining goodies you receive, very cool. I did 30mins of cardio again (after being told I'm healthy of course), all of it on the bike (9km), cause my legs hurt from the previous 2 times' running. And leg-weight stuff. But enough about my gym addiction...
Going to my grandfather in Pretoria again this weekend, and spending tomorrow with my good friend Andrew's sister, Patricia. Looking forward to that!! Also, a correction to my previous post, only 1 of the 4 new lung tx people have CF. One of them is a girl who had coffee with Peter and me on Wednesday, wanting to find out more about the whole thing. She was told the previous day that she needs a transplant. Well she's decided to go for it, which is so great! It REALLY is 1 000 000 times worth it, and even if the survival rate was 10%, I'd still go for it, because 10% chance of being normal is better that 100% chance of dieing.
So hope you have a good weekend too! Think I have to suck an Instablog article out of my thumb now, lol!
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