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the hardest thing

Posted Sep 11 2010 6:04am
Newborn babies can be a big adjustment, been there done that. Nathan was an excellent baby and so is Teagan. As far as newborns are concerned, Nathan and Teagan are almost complete opposites but at the same time they are both very easy to care for and please.


Nathan slept well but didn't nurse well. He had a terrible latch because he was a a little tongue tied and made me incredibly sore. He did take a pacifier though which gave me a break. He pooped alot, and I mean alot (thanks to CF and poorly digested breast milk), but as soon as he was fed and freshly diapered I could lay him down and he would go to sleep on his own. I pumped to relieve the engorgement and to build a stock of breast milk for when I would return to work, unbeknownst that I would not return due to the CF diagnosis. Nonetheless, he was a perfect newborn baby!

Now for Teagan.

Teagan sleeps well and nurses well. She had a perfect latch as soon as she was placed on my chest moments after birth. I anticipated the worst and invested in a new (used on Craigslist), more supportive breastfeeding pillow which I don't really need. She wants to be close to her mama otherwise she fusses so I wear her in a ring sling for part of the day. She co-sleeps at the moment, like Nathan did initially, but wants to be as close to me as possible. Last night she slept a 6 hour stretch between feedings, it was much needed. I refuse to pump for Teagan because I despise breast pumps and have no intention to clean any more bottles (especially Dr Brown's bottles with 5 pieces) once Nathan is done using them.

Now the hardest thing about bringing a newborn baby home...

...It's not the newborn baby, but the 2 year old who refuses to nap. If Nathan were as pleasant in the evening as he is in the morning without taking a nap I wouldn't care. But he becomes incredibly irritable and gets a burst of overtired energy (if that makes any sense) that leads him to do dangerous things like throwing his toys into the air.

DSC00448 copy-2

We decided to stop "driving" him to sleep in the car because it became exhausting for us and he was beginning to catch on and resist. Then we began to close him in his bedroom and let him cry it out until he succumbed to sleep. This worked until he learned to open his door. Then we put the safety door knob cover on, which he promptly pried off the knob. Yesterday we duct taped the knob cover on. I had Jay take care of it before we brought Nathan to bed so Nathan wouldn't see us "taping" him in. But since Jay put the knob cover on the wrong side of the door and realized after he shut Nathan in (LOL), Nathan witnessed him fixing the mistake and only aggravated him as he tried to escape for a half hour.

Today we try a baby gate with the bedroom door open. How long do you think it will take for him to overcome this obstacle?

Next step, because I am sure we will need it, will be a top of door lock. Poor little guy needs to sleep even though he doesn't want to miss a thing!
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