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The Good, the Bad, and the Exhausted Pregnant Mama

Posted Jun 21 2010 4:41pm
The Good

1. Received letter regarding additional coverage added to Nathan's insurance policy as of July 1st. As of that date he will be able to obtain certain durable medical equipment and supplies not previously covered. When do insurance companies actually add coverage to a health insurance plan? Fingers crossed for nebulizer cups!!

2. Received letter regarding the appeal for coverage of Nathan's Vest. After the First Level Appeal was reviewed the initial denial has been overturned because the information provided at the time of the appeal does support the medical necessity of the Chest Wall Oscillator (Vest). Authorization is now given!!!!! I am not sure if it is too early to celebrate, I am going to have to see something in writing from Hill-Rom indicating that the insurance company has indeed paid off the Vest.

The Bad, which turns out to be Good, I hope

1. At the latest ultrasound I was informed that my medicaid coverage for the pregnancy was showing up as ineligible in the system. I called Social Services at least ten times and still have not received any responses to my messages. So today I drove down to the office with what I consider to be the typical required paperwork (birth certificates, social security cards, driver's license, proof of income, proof of pregnancy, etc). After attempting to explain the dilemma to the receptionist, who was incredibly confused, I sat face to face with the woman who has yet to return a single phone call.

The problem is such, when I applied for coverage at the hospital I was actually applying for presumptive elegiibilty. Apparently applying for presumptive eligibilty gave me 30 days from the date of application to apply directly with Social Services. Nobody informed me of this so when I received my health benefits identification card I thought I was all set for the duration of the pregnancy, but I wasn't.

I took care of the misunderstanding today and after I provide some additional documents I should finally be all set for the duration of the pregnancy and two months post partum.

The Exhausted Pregnant Mama

1. Nathan loves the playground and the pool. When we moved into this community I vowed never to drive the car to the playground or the pool, which are both located 3/4 of a mile from our house. I refuse to make any exceptions, including using the pregnancy as an excuse. I walked Nathan to and from the pool this evening and I...AM...EXHAUSTED!
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