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The final appointment

Posted Mar 15 2013 9:35pm

This past week was Nathan’s last follow up appointment at the feeding and swallowing center.

I found it impossible to continue with the 4 structured meals a day so I’m very pleased that they managed to tweak the volume of each meal so I could do 3 meals instead.

His current meal is: 20 bites chewable, 10 bites mashed, 1.5 ounce purée, followed by 2 ounces pediasure 1.5 and however many enzymes. His 3rd meal we can follow with 3-4 ounces yet I have yet to remember this.

I’ve been trying to keep a good variety of foods but Nathan is very good at limiting himself. He eats certain foods very well and makes my life a living hell for other foods.

I prefer to feed him at home because even though he still gives me a hard time, he is much more cooperative than if I were to feed him elsewhere. Essentially I am confined to my house or close proximity to the house. I can’t comfortably go farther away from our home than would allow me to get back for next meal.

I’d say there is still much room for improvement yet he has had his final appointment at this center. As of March 31st, St Joe’s loses their contract with United Healthcare which means we will be cut off. I can’t switch insurances because keeping his pulmonologist is much more of a priority, we travel a nice distance for him and it is for a reason.

I’m sure we will find a new center but I can’t worry about it right now. I’ve got to just keep on keeping on. My goal is to maintain his progress thus far.

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