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The day when one just wasn’t enough

Posted Mar 04 2013 9:40pm

Today was difficult.

Lunch was particularly difficult.

Saturday morning, we ditched the pull-ups and decided it was time for potty training boot camp. This entailed me following Teagan around like a shadow all day Saturday and Sunday.

Jay took control of Nathan’s meals for the weekend so I could consistently catch any accidents.

So back to this afternoon. I began to feed Nathan his lunch – it was cubed watermelon, mashed chicken nugget, and puréed carrot, all of which he had been accustomed to eating.

But today he decided to act like chicken was poisoning him. He always tells me he doesn’t like chicken but he always opens and chews it regardless. Today I had to be hardcore, holding his hands down, following his mouth with the spoon as he whipped his head back and forth screaming, waiting for the opportunity to go in. There was gagging and after many unsuccessful bites I moved on.

Oh but the hard part was trying to do all of the above and monitor Teagan at the same time – to catch any accidents and reinforce the potty training advancements from the two days prior.

I am almost certain she would have pooped her underwear if she were not constipated. Sorry Teagan, I know, TMI, but my mom did it to me too.

Thankfully, that was the most difficult part of my day. That chicken nugget that Nathan refused vehemently, I puréed into a tiny bit of applesauce for his next meal. Mama always wins in the end. {grin}

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