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Posted Aug 24 2008 3:01pm
It's Friday!!!! YAY!!! This has not been the best of weeks (although yesterday was great), so I'm just SOOOO glad it's Friday! Going to gym in a short while, and then off to break the lung function machine at Milpark. Hope they've got insurance...

After they've called the guys to come and fix it, I'm seeing Dr Paul, who might be a bit upset about the expensive machine breaking, but after he sees my FEV1%, he will, just as in the case of said machine, be blown away... so it's all good...

So why was yesterday good? Didn't really get an endorphin fix (will explain just now...), but went to play Tenpin Bowling, with Craig, a guy from church. Haven't played in ages, and even though I lost horribly (my excuse being that I was going easy on the sternum!), it was lots of fun!! They had this student special where you get a discounted rate AND a beer if you show your student card (which I don't have, since I'm not a student anymore), but sometimes looking young can be to your advantage!!!

So what's with the endorphin fix?? I SERIOUSLY think I'm addicted to it... I get unmanageable when I haven't been to gym for 2 days in a row... I don't think this is cellular memory, but rather a case of discovering all the nice things my body can do now, and the nice feeling I get afterwards... Even while typing this I'm getting jittery... So please excuse me while I GO GET READY FOR GYM!!!!!!!

P.S. Will give an update on the status of the lung function machine when I get back...
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