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Posted Nov 20 2009 10:04pm
Well I did it! I have all my upper teeth removed today. And I have no regrets so far even though I'm pretty hurty.

Mom and I got to the dentist's office a little before 7 this morning. No one was there yet so we waited and pretty soon I saw one of the assistants pull up. He saw me and waved for me to follow him. We went in and I sat down. The assistant said the doc would be a bit late because of traffic. So he started to get things set up while we waited.

The doc got there and got started on numbing me up. Yes, I was awake for this. I just concentrated on the radio. They finished setting up while I got numb. And then away we went. The doc had a little difficulty with the back teeth but for the most part I think they just popped right out. I didn't even notice when he got to the front ones. He started doing the procedure to even out the bone in my jaw (or else my gum line would be wavy) and I was thinking "He can't be done yet!" Then he stitched me up. It was a little less than half an hour from the time they got started until they were done! I was floored, but thrilled too since it was over so fast with so little trouble.

So I'm home now with a mouth full of stitches. I'm pretty sore but not horribly so, and I think its the places where the stitches got put in that are bothering me more than anything. I have lots of soft food to eat. In fact I am fantasizing about some yogurt right now. I also have lots of ice packs! I hope I don't have too much swelling. But if I do my cover story is that my pimp beat me. I think that is shocking enough to shut most people up.
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