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Surprises & Goodbyes

Posted Oct 29 2008 10:09am

Today I was surprised with an Edible Arrangements  halloween treat from Laurents family! I have seen commercials for these and there is a shop out in town and I have wanted one forever! They just always looked so yummy =] Too bad my husband isn't here to enjoy it with me =[

My husband left today for a few weeks. He will be going on the ship he will be on for deployment. They are doing some training and giving the guys the chance to get used to being on a ship. For at least some of the time he will actually be off the coast of the beach by our house. So I might just see his ship out there!

Knowing that he is on that ship right now just makes me realize how fast time is flying. Before we know it Laurent will be deploying. So right now we are just trying to spend as much time as we can together. We have decided to take a day trip to Temecula one Saturday when he has the time. A friend (another blogger with CF married to a military man!) reccomended the Ponte Winery in Temecula. It looks beautiful! Plus wine tastings for military are free! haha.

I think I overdid it a bit yesterday. My port site is a bit more sore. I just get so tired of sitting around having people do almost everything for me! So today I am going to take it easy. I am excited because tomorrow I can finally take the dressings off and leave them off! The only thing that will be left is the steri strips and I just have to let those come off on their own. Tape always makes my skin so sensitive. And I have a couple small blisters, but it's no too bad.

I talked to the woman from the community center I applied too and she is turning in all my paperwork this week. Next I will have an interview with her boss and then hopefully I get the job! Whenever I talk to her she makes it sound as if I have the job and I just need to go through the whole hiring process so hopefully that's a good sign!


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