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Studying Social and Mental Health Issues of Adolescence with CF

Posted by andrdyb

Just looking for thoughts on this study.  (Check my blog post to find out more about it).  Does this seem like a worthwhile topic to you?  Haven't had a stellar response thus far and wondering how others are doing with getting through this stage - I know for us, it was a big struggle and I could have used more assistance at the time... 
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Wow this is GREAT.. I was diagnosed 1959 at the age of 6 y.o. It is very tough as an adolescent growing up with CF. My emotions was all over the place. Yet today I am very upset that most "Primary Care Physicians" know very little about CF. I ask them if they know what CF is? Of course they say "Yes". Then the next question they ask me is, "when do I think I caught it"? I have walked out of more than a few Drs. offices for that very reason... HELP !!!!
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