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Sternum, Sternum, Why You So Pokey

Posted Sep 29 2010 12:00am

My sternum wire is driving me crazy and I swear that either I’m turning into a rhinocceros, or something is up with my sternum wires. My weight is going up and YET, YET, my sternum wires seem to be popping out of my chest MORE and ladies, I could add some details about this but I won’t but I am NOT PLEASED.

So I go a-googliin’ and what do I find out? All these homies with their open heart surgeries get their sternum wires REMOVED! Removed I tell you!!

I have never heard of a LUNG tx patient getting their sternum wires removed. Have you? Do tell!!!

Between my wires and my stretch marks from the 40lbs of water I gained and lost in three weeks, and the scars on my tummy, chest, and arms including two weird bumps from the anti-coag that I’m allergic to, that they forced me to take before I remembered how to put my foot down with the R word (refuse)---- I’m a friggin mess and good thing this isn’t the year for Project Cruise Hotness, as I would be a sore disappointment.

And yet, I leave you this:

Me lookin silly Aren’t I cute?

gooodnight, cg

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