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Spring Day!!!!

Posted Sep 01 2008 7:09pm

So it's the first day of spring!!! Although some would say technically the 22nd of Sept is first day of spring, but whatever. The sun is out here in windy PE, but the wind is blowing (surprise surprise) and it's COLD. Yesterday was even worse, and I got every type of weather you can think of for my birthday!!! There was WIND, rain, sun, hail...

Enough about the weather though... my birthday was very nice yesterday. Thanks so much to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, I felt pretty loved!!! Went to church in the morning, and had lots of family over for lunch!! Grandparents, dad's cousin and his fam... had 3-course meal and cake and coffee etc etc. I probably gained a kilo just from yesterday!!! In fact... it felt a lot like Christmas... In the afternoon I met up with Anto, Daniel, Andrew for coffee (they had cake, but I just couldn't face more food, so just had 2 cuppucino's), and my sis and her boyfriend joined us a bit later. Then went for a drink with friend from Cape Town who is here for work.

So all in all it was great. The whole weekend. Last year I honestly thought I might not make it to my 24th birthday. In my head that is. But I CAN say that in my heart I thought I would. Read my diary entry of 30 Aug 2007 again, and in it I said that my biggest fear was being stuck in the SAME position next year... ie WAITING FOR LUNGS and not having much of a life. In my heart I kind of knew I wouldn't be DEAD, because I didn't feel ready. But does everyone always feel ready to die, or that it is their time to go? I have no idea. But the bottom line is: my head said I might not see 24, and my heart knew/thought/hoped I would. The pic on the right is me opening presents last year...

Still having trouble uploading Kelly's video. Our internet connection in JHB is faster, so will try again when we get back. My dad and I are driving back on Sunday, so I still have another week here!!! Booked a plane ticket to come visit again in Oct this morning, will be coming for a long-weekend then, and coincidentally it's also Anto's birthday then!!! I'll be flying down and driving back up with a pharmacist friend of mine who's also coming to visit, although he'll be coming for longer.
This afternoon I'm having coffee with Gizela, who went to varsity with me and who's a regular reader and commenter, lol!!! Looking forward to it, haven't seen her in years! HAPPY SPRING DAY. (AUTUMN DAY FOR EVERYONE IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE!!!!!)
P.S. the cat is Emma... the bitch-cat. But we still love her... sometimes...
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