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Short Sale Scholars To Solve Your Woes – Save Thousands Right Away

Posted Sep 09 2010 4:36am
Foreclosure is not new to be heard these days with economy still looking to revive but Short Sale Scholars have been providing the best guidance to the owners facing foreclosure. The experienced team of Short Sale experts are there in the market that has done a lot of good to property owners who were in verge of losing their home. There are companies offers great flat fee listing opportunities to home owners who are close to face foreclosure process. With these attractive flat fee listing package home owners save thousands in sales commission which they might have paid to a traditional real estate agent for introducing a buyer.

Once you surf the internet for short sale experts you will find several of them offering flat fee listing package which starts from $349. With these listing packages many offers are provided such as extending the listing to one year for just $100, posting more images for your short sale property that would help you illustrate more options to buyers. Flat fee listing has been a win-win situation for owners on verge of foreclosure. You are able to post your property as short sale which is beneficial for you rather than facing foreclosure.

With loads of problem that owners face hearing of foreclosure, short sales is the best option to go with and advice of experienced and expert short sales agent works in your favour.These agents have the knowledge and sense of work to convince the lender to go with short sale rather than foreclosure which might savethem time and money. With this lender too might agree to this which is on a positive side for home owner. We already know that there are many short sale investors who look for these sort of properties to invest in and selling the short sale property won’t be a tough task for home owners.

You have short sale scholars who are there to help you in convincing the lender and let you list your short sales property in flat fee listing. The experienced team of Short Sale Scholars has done a lot of good to property owners who were in verge of losing their home. The offer provided by Short Sale scholars is said to be unmatched in the real estate industry which is indeed required to avoid you a foreclosure.

If you want more info regarding short sale or foreclosure you can visit and

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