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Separation Anxiety Disorder.

Posted Oct 15 2009 10:04pm
I'm fairly certain that our crazy dog is suffering from separation anxiety disorder. If not, then he is just a bad dog.

Shi has run through our screen door EIGHT TIMES in the past few weeks because he absolutely cannot STAND it when he's not within about 6 inches of us. Fortunately, the way our screen door is made enables us to just pop the screen back in place, at least until he REALLY busts through it and rips the screen.

I suppose we should be flattered that he loooooves us soooooo much. It's pretty funny when I'm upstairs doing something and Shiner pops into the room all excited like "HIII! You forgot me outside!"

He sure cracks himself up!

And we just can't stay mad at that face! :)

I just realized that the acronym for separation anxiety disorder is SAD. HA! Yep, that definitely explains Shi when he feels left out!
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