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Semi-Decision Time

Posted Aug 25 2008 6:32pm
The OB doc came in earlier this evening to inform us that there is a meeting taking place tomorrow morning at 8am among all of Tricia's medical team, including OB docs, CF docs, Neonatal, ICU, etc. At this meeting, they will be putting their heads together to figure out the best plan for every possible scenario. He also informed us that, because of her condition, Tricia is the top patient for just about each of them.

The OB doc will be stopping by Tricia's room about 6:30AM to find out what we might want to do about those possible scenarios. Because the baby has now reached the gestational age of viability, we have to consider several what-ifs. We're certain that the baby will be here early, and pretty sure that it will be in the next several weeks.

Because it will not be a naturally induced birth, we are probably going to have to make the decision of when to deliver. It will almost certainly be a C Section. The doctors basically want to know how far along we are willing to go. Our new goal is to make it to 28 weeks, but that will all depend on Tricia's health.

The further we allow the pregnancy to go, the greater chance the baby has, and the less chance Tricia has.

Please pray as we begin to consider, day-by-day, when to make that final decision. Here are a few things that Tricia has put together to pray for specifically over the next few weeks:

For Tricia:

mucus that seems stuck to come up more easily

strength, still real weak

o2 needs to go down

infection to go away

insulin levels stay where they need to be

gain weight

get more sleep

that lungs aren't further damaged as time goes on

that my body will be strong enough for a surgery when the baby is delivered. No complications as a result from surgery.

For Our Baby:

meeting taking place tomorrow AT 8AM by many important doctors looking out on my behalf & baby's and coming up with a plan

steroid shot given to baby tomorrow, that they work effectively on helping baby be prepared for delivery.

baby to gain and grow properly

baby not to be harmed while I am receiving these antibiotics

making decisions about timing of delivery

A few prayers have already been answered:

Tricia hasn't relied on bipap machine as much today

Tricia's heart rate went down during rest immediately after the prayer yesterday, that it will continue to stay at a safe level

Tricia got more hours of sleep last night than the past week

Tricia feels better, everyone who has seen her the past 36 hours has noticed the change compared to yesterday

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