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Posted Oct 28 2008 12:30pm
I had my port removal and placement this past Friday. The surgery went well and I am doing good! Right now I am still just a little sore and can't do any lifting or vigourus activity. Which is fine by me =]

We had to leave the house at 0630 so we could get to the hospital by 0730. I went into the room at around 0800. I was put under genral anastesia so I wasn't completely out. I had no idea what was going on but I could still breathe on my own. When I was laying on the table and nurse gave me my first dose of "sleepy meds" through the IV she told my I would be getting dizzy and sleepy quickly and to just go with it. Well a few minutes passed by and still nothing. So she had to give me more!

*Note: If you are easily disturbed by talk of veins and cutting of skin you may not want to read this next part. It's not graphic but I know some people are uber senstive about stuff. I have a friend who can't even talk about shots!*

After I was out they did an ultra-sound on my neck to make sure the vein was good. Then they numbed my skin. They made a small opening in my neck vein (yeah I forget the name of that major vein! haha) and they put in a catheter to help open the vein. Then below that opening they made another one where the new port actually went. When they were just finishing up with all that and stitching me up I woke up! And they still had to take out my arm port! I talked with them for a bit while they tried to get me back to sleep. My face was covered so I couldn't see what was going on and they told me I was a pain to keep under. haha. So I finally passed out again and they took the port in my arm out and stitched that up as well. When I woke up in the recovery room they said they had to give me benadryl on top of all the "sleepy meds" because I was so resistant to them! 

Once I was awake and could stand or sit up with out being dizzy they let me go home. I had Laurent stop at McDonalds on the way because I was starving! I ate once we got home and then slept most of the day away. 

I have just been resting this weekend for the most part. Yesterday Laurent and I went and got pumpkins. I was sick of being in the house so I made him take me out! He is back at work today and I am just resting up once again. I am still pretty sore and don't want to over do it. Which is what I normally do. So I am trying to take it easy although I can think of a million things that need to be done! haha
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