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Random Thoughts about Flat Diapering -Day 6 Flats Challenge

Posted May 26 2012 8:50pm

Today is Day 6 of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge , hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry . This year, there are over 450 participants from around the world.

Since I handwashed diapers yesterday morning while the kids were at preschool, my favorite cover (for this challenge) was still hanging to dry in the laundry room. This cover I can reuse all day just wiping the PUL and refastening over a new flat. The only time I need to swap it is when it gets soiled by poo.

So I ended up pad folding and stuffing the flats in pockets all day yesterday and today. Why was my Thirties cover not usable today? Well silly me, I grabbed it off the pants hanger and accidentally dropped it right back into water soaking dirty flats. Teaches me to dry over my slop sink.

We went out to eat dinner at a restaurant last night and both kids were wearing pockets stuffed with flats. Nathan has not been participating in this challenge but he was out of pull ups, I’m still one step away from sewing the leg elastics on his cloth trainers, and he has not been doing great with the potty.

My diaper bag is usually a mess, I toss items in last minute, go through a mental checklist and pray it’s all there. Last night was no exception. Moments before leaving I grabbed 3 of my all in one pocket diapers, pulled out the microfiber inserts, grabbed a handful of flats, tossed a bottle of Nathan’s enzymes in, and decided I can figure it all out later, stuff as I go.

Today, we had two birthday parties to go to and it was the same deal. Although when it’s the weekend and your husband is home, you really need to pre stuff the flat diapers in the pockets because it can be intimidating. Jay used to love and prefer prefolds and snappis but today was the first time he pulled a flat out of the diaper bag. Teagan ended up in a disposable, not his fault, I didn’t make it easy for him.

Tomorrow, Day 7, is the last day of the flat diaper and hand washing challenge. I may be speaking early but it has not been terrible at all. I will most certainly be incorporating flats into our permanent stash and doing a very little bit of destashing. This challenge made me realize I have way more cloth diapers than we actually need.


The quicker way to dry cloth diapers and covers

Squeeze as much water out by hand. I don’t like to twist my covers because I hate replacing elastics and don’t want to stress them any more than they need (stretching by baby waist and legs).

Lay flat on an absorbent bath towel.

Drying diaper covers 1

Roll towel up like a burrito.

Drying diaper covers 2

Stomp/walk all over the towel.

Drying diaper covers 3

Unroll towel and hang covers/diapers

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