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PZ Myers Gets Mail

Posted Dec 12 2008 2:51pm
You know, people ask me, sometimes, why I don't like God. It's not GOD I don't like. After all, you can't prove God exists. Even if the sun failed to rise tomorrow morning, it would be a fallacy of equivocation to assume that meant God exists. There could be lots of reasons why the sun didn't come up. So I don't not like God. It's his followers I could do without. You never hear this kind of lunacy from non-Christian religions. You don't hear Buddists throwing the term "Marxist" around to describe scientists. You don't often come across a Jew who compares evolution to Nazism. One of the goals of modern Christianity seems to be the eradication of science (not just evolution), and it gets old.

People like Bonnie vote. They vote in droves, and are furthermore elected to public office. This worries me on a constant basis.

EDIT: How the heck did I forget about Ben Stein? I probably just blocked him out, as should we all, really. Okay, so there's ONE Jew who compares evolution to Nazism. And yeah, I didn't mention Islam, but there's a reason for that: I don't think the goal of radical Islam is the eradication of science so much as the eradication of Homo sapiens.
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