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pros and cons list

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:36pm
I'm anal we all know here is my pros/cons list for SSDI, LTD and working.
I emailed my social worker at clinic today to start the process of SSDI. Or think about starting it. And figuring out when.



Go to school full time

Not stress about going to school and trying to work

See family and friends more

Possible improvement in health

Work small part time job for extra income (Barnes and Noble? Discount!)

More time to read/crochet

Exercise more regularly

Grants for school maybe

Place student loan repayment on hold until I can work again

Food Stamps / State insurance


Less money

Health Insurance issues

May not be able to get student loans

Might not be able to pay all bills

Money stress

Full Time Work


Keep current income

Health insurance


Like my work friends

Easier to get student loans (possibly)


Sleep deprived

Can’t exercise whenever I want

Will wear myself out with school and work

Can only take one class at a time

No life / never see friends or family

Work related stress



Go to school full time

More time to read/crochet

Exercise more regularly

See family / friends more

Possible health improvement

Less stress of working

Can get SSDI while on LTD, LTD will just deduct SSDI payments


Can not work at all

Might not get any grants

Dealing with the insurance company every week to get paid

Stress about going to school while on LTD

Unsure of health care options

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