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Procrastination is my game.

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
So, procrastination, as you can guess, is the subject today. Maybe a year or two ago, I read a story about a CFer in her late 20's, who explained, in a newspaper article in the Daily Mail, what her life with CF is like. She mentioned how she would get exhausted in her old office job, and with deteriorating health, would sometimes nap at her desk as she had no energy to work. Thus leading her to quit this job and retrain as a fitness instructor, which sent her health, and her PFTs, rocketing to a more healthy level. At the time of reading that, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I had people on all sides asking me to choose my 'options' for my A levels, and I was completely lost, and mainly only agreeing with 6th form as a chance to delay having to make any proper choices. But reading that, and realising how much the exercise made this woman's health crawl from probably considering lung tx, to being back to amazing health she hadn't seen in years, made me think, maybe that's what I could do, if I still haven't figured out my life. Plus the fact that I abhor gym prices. There is no need to pay through the teeth just to spend 30 minutes on the treadmill, thanks very much.

Now I've got an almost figured out life, I don't need to say 'Okay, maybe I'll just be a gym instructor as I can't think of anything else', but I do still think I need the exercise that a gym would offer. However, until I figure out a way to join a gym, get healthy and avoid being completely skint, or making other people skint on behalf of me, I'm trying to think of ways to get the exercise I need. I'm lazy and, as you can tell, clearly procrastinate on things, so actually following through on a plan is difficult, the irony being that if I did follow through on my current plan, it'd give me the energy and motivation to carry on doing it. I just need the arse kicking start first.

So, this plan you say? Well, as I've discovered I actually have a pair of running shoes that fit me, I've decided that I'll maybe do some running every morning. I'm not talking about doing half a bloody marathon every day, but maybe a run round the area where I live seems like a good idea. There's several streets, and we're perched on a hill, so the idea of this being a complete cop out and walk in the park is laughable. Although I'm hoping it will become a walk in the park after I get used to running again. I hate running, although I have not recently been running in the absence of my school bag. Its not a nice thing to run whilst a bag filled with books and a 3 tonne lunch thwacks against your side. Anyway, once running round the area (Its technically called an estate, although whenever I think that, I think large tower blocks and millions of charvs. The idea chills me to the bone) becomes easier, I'll run a bit further, or run round twice. Either way, its more exercise rather than getting complacent with a quick jog.

When I do manage to get my arse out of bed at a reasonable time, I'm guessing it'll take maybe 10-15 minutes, possibly 20, but I won't know till I've tried it. I'm aiming for doing this running before breakfast as A, running right after breakfast is possibly not the smartest idea, and could result in some nasty decorating of the pavement and B, hopefully it'll increase my appetite. Plus the fact that I know muscle weights more than fat, meaning that I can gain weight and not gave to look like a heffalump. If I get muscles, and increase my appetite, not only will I be able to keep the physiotherapist happy by saying I'm actually bothering with exercise that counts as physio, but I'll also keep the dietitian happy too. I saw her just before I left clinic last Friday, and she pointed out that the two rings I wear were slipping off my fingers. Yeah Love, I'm aware, but you can comment on that when you find food that goes straight to your fingers. Like food you know will go straight to your hips, or whatever.

Procrastinating on the running thing was quite easy this week, as its half term, meaning that next week it should be easier to get my plan into action. Even though I've got no school, my little sister does, which means that I can be asked to be woken up at a (reasonable) time, for a run. There's nothing else left for me to do to be honest. I've finished 6th form, got no exams and already handed in a load more job applications, this time stating that I'm available for the week now, and hopefully will give me a better chance of getting a job. Whilst I wait, running can take up a morning quite nicely. I won't have to stop running when I get a job though - I have a bus pass that you get if you're deaf, or over 60/65, which entitles you to ride the bus for free, meaning a handy way to get to a job, if I ever get one, without my Dad having to empty out his petrol tank. This card apparently isn't valid until 9.30 am on a weekday, which means I could easily go for a run at 8, or 8.30 am and still get the 9.25 bus to wherever. So, providing someone does hire the small, blonde and deaf kid who can pass for 12, I'll still be the most peppy and awake person there. I bet I'll be hated for it!
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