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Posted Jan 26 2011 10:45pm
I'm starting to think my Cyster Tara is on to something....a maintenance dose of prednisone might be a good idea.

I am tight.  I am inflamed.  I am spastic.

Oh, in my lungs :)

I'm short of breath with a lot of things.  I get tired very easily.  My lungs just all around hurt.  But my mucus production is low.  What I do cough up is light yellow to dark yellow.  And I feel overall fine.  No exacerbation in the works.

This all leads me to think that I just need something to control the inflammation that I am not getting from my anti-inflammatory meds - Singulair, Symbicort and Zithromax.

Hopefully when I see my doctor the first week of March she will agree with me.  As of right now I can not take prednisone anyway (for reasons I can not discuss) so there is no point in calling her about it.  I'm sticking with my 3 albuterol/atrovent treatments a day and trying to avoid the bitter cold as best as I can.
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