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Pre-Sinus Surgery Endoscopic View (Semi-Graphic)

Posted Dec 17 2010 12:00am

The Long Roll to the OR Due to my severe, debilitating headaches in the last couple of months, my CF doctors went down the road of investigating sleep apnea as the cause, as that’s a very common symptom of “older” CFers. Strange to say that at a day short of 32 years old, but it’s quite historically true. After the sleep study, I am mildly apneatic, but after they received my results from another CT scan that I requested, they saw a shocking report that said my sinuses showed worse sinus disease than my October pre-surgery CT scan!

Within the course of 7 weeks, my sinuses were worse off than before my surgery number 9. Unbelievable! Like any good doctors would, they suggested I get a second opinion, this time from a doctor on the TGH campus across the road from them so they would be able to visit me in recovery or if I spend the night for observation. Dr. Tabor had a cancellation that next week, so I saw him in a Tuesday. He just so happens to be about my height and quite tech-savvy by the array of equipment I saw in the room.

I asked him if that tower of equipment happened to have a record button or if I could just aim my iPhone at the screen as he went in since I’d never seen the inside of my nose for a sinus cleaning. He said he had some time, so let’s have some fun. He put on his HD scope, calibrated for true white, and we were suddenly recording in living color! The cleaning took him a good 7 minutes with a lot of in and out getting a different suction tip or set of forceps, so that video is going to take a lot of editing that I don’t have time for until my holiday vacation time… or maybe let my dad have a good time editing it with my iMovie ’11 after he arrives tonight.

He made a second video using an endoscope – a flexible, controllable fiber-optic tube – to take a final look after his cleaning to see what was up where he couldn’t get to using a straight scope due to the massive scarring and my deviated septum that my last surgeon didn’t correct. The only grossness in this video is what looks like green scabs in a couple of places, but you can see how tight things are when they really should be much more spacious. I can’t wait to have a side-by-side after he operates and the swelling goes down.

So, you’ve been warned that there is a video below here and it contains images up my nose, yet no cleaning of any gunk – just taking a quick look-see.

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